About Us

Metal Siding Pros metal sliding company is based and was started by a group of metal sliding experts with the aim of providing the residents with satisfying and quality services in metal sliding.

Our Products

Metal Siding Pros metal sliding company supplies and delivers a variety of products that are available in aluminum, steel, zinc and copper. Some of these products include: standing seam and batten seams; corrugated; curved; tapered; shingles; tiles; shakes; rainware and perimeter edge trim. We deliver the product anywhere. Before delivering the products we ensure that the products accent the metal roofing system of your house and that they are in a custom size that fits in the design of your house.

Metal sliding and roofing

Our metal sliding services are carried out by qualified professions who work together as a team to meet the needs and expectation of the customer. The process involves the use of different techniques and technology such as energy efficient building envelope technology whereby we use cool metal roofing products with solar collector, which utilizes precision perforated metal panels to preheat ventilation air through the solar energy.


When carrying out our services, safety is always in our minds. Metal Siding Pros metal sliding company strives and works hard to ensure that the procedure is carried out safely and successfully. The safety of our experts and that of our customers is paramount.

Our reputation

Metal Siding Pros metal sliding company has been in the industry for several years serving many clients and businesses. Our reputation has grown due to the quality of services and products we deliver to our clients. Most of our customers are fully satisfied and happy with our products and services. This is evidence through the numerous referrals that we get from our customers many who are amazed by our professionalism in delivering the services. We also get the customer to fill in a form with questions about ours services. This helps us to improve our products and services and correct any mistakes that might be involved in delivery of our services.

Availability and reach-ability

Metal Siding Pros metal sliding company is always available to assist you and meet all your demands and needs. Call us today on 888-754-9997 and request for our products or services and you will not be disappointed. When you call us, you will talk with our customer care personnel who are friendly and warm. All your questions and problems that you might be having with the roofing system or metal wall system will be addressed and a day for delivery of the service will be set. If you are building a new home, our team will help you make a decision on the best roofing system and other metal products needed in construction of your house. We will deliver the products that you need and install them for you as your require. If you live you can also visit us and get any help that you might need.

Key features

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